About me

My name is Kata Kelemen and I am a wedding planner. I was born into the world of events thanks to my father, so even in my adolescence I could gain an insight into organizing events, either as a an usher, a supervisor, or an assistant or also in certain cases, as a performer. As a high school student I had already known that I would like to work in the same field – by then I had already been charmed by the atmosphere of weddings – and due to this, I applied to the major of Tourism and Catering at Pannon University. I never lost my interest in dance and during college I became a certified sports trainer. With the help of this certificate, I founded my dance school which has been operating since then, and at my school I was able to show and boost my creativity and organizing ability while planning camps, shows etc.

As luck would have it, when moving to Budapest I had the chance to work as an event planner and have an even closer look at how successful events are organized. In this way, I had already had enough practical experience by the time I completed the wedding planning course, as I was absolutely sure that wedding planning was the dream job I was destined to do besides dance education.

With my professionalism and many-sidedness you can feel secure on your Big Day, so that you can focus exclusively on yourself, your family and relatives.

Fancy Wedding For You works for you to turn your ideas into reality on your Big Day.

  • Fancy Wedding For You works for you

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